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NY State Disability Insurance


New York State Disability Insurance is coverage mandated by the state paying a benefit to those workers who are disabled from their jobs. New York disability insurance covers those who are injured, ill or pregnant. The individual will receive monetary benefits that are designed to replace a portion of their lost wages from the short term disability that prohibits them from working. A disabled worker will need to apply for NY state disability payments along with their proof documenting their medical condition.

Eligibility Requirements
An employer is responsible for providing employees with state disability insurance under the laws of the state if that individual is employed for a minimum of 30 days in the year and they are a covered employer. Employers that don’t employ the workers for at least 30 days out of the year can choose to provide coverage for the temporary disability, but they are not required to provide state disability payments to the worker. 

As an employee with a short term disability, you will need to have worked for a minimum of four weeks before the temporary disability occurred for NY state disability payments. The exception for state disability is if you were covered and working for another employer before you began working at your current job. New York state disability coverage would then transfer and become effective immediately upon your first day of work with your new employer.

Benefit Amounts and Premiums
The total cost of the New York state disability premium can be shared along with the employees, but employers are only allowed to recover a half of a percent of the wages from the employee. The maximum New York state disability insurance recoup is 60 cents every week. Employees are eligible to receive half of their weekly wages, but there are limitations on the weekly benefits that an employee can receive. Every two weeks you will receive a disability check equal to a maximum of $170 per week. 

Payment Schedule
When it comes to New York disability insurance, your first week is considered a waiting period where there are no benefits received to the employee. The benefits rights begin on the eighth day from which the worker becomes disabled. At that point, the employee is eligible for 36 weeks of disability payments when they are disabled for 56 days in a row for one specific disability.

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