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How To Reapply For Extended Disability Insurance Coverage


After receiving disability insurance benefits for a severe injury, you just got a notice saying you've received the last check for temporary disability. The problem is you haven't healed and progress is going slower than you and your physician expected. If your disability income benefits are about to expire, but you haven't returned to your full capacity, you can apply for extended coverage until you heal completely. Whether you have a long-term disability policy or a temporary disability plan, you are entitled to receive extended coverage or partial compensation until you a ready to go back to work full-time.

When disability insurance providers send out your last check, a physician's supplemental certificate should automatically be included in the same envelope. Disability benefits expire on the date specified by your physician and a doctor's statement is required for benefits to be extended. If your rehabilitation isn't progressing or you feel you aren't able to work in your full capacity, your can talk to your doctor about extending disability coverage and filing a physician's supplemental certificate. Patients also have the option to see another doctor for a second opinion.

Employees who have been receiving disability insurance benefits or worker's compensation can apply for extended coverage if they are able to return to work part-time or generate income in some way. As long as beneficiaries report income from part-time employment, they are entitled to receive extended coverage.

Once you receive your last disability insurance check, it's important to submit the continued claim certification enclosed. By signing and dating the form, you are requesting extended coverage for continued disability. To receive compensation, it's important to fill in the appropriate fields if you have returned to work in a limited capacity. The final step for closing a disability insurance claim is notifying your provider that you have recovered or returned to work full-time. With partial disability insurance, you can continue to receive compensation until you're healed 100% as long as you are honest about reporting income and part-time employment.

To apply for extended coverage, it's important to provide your insurer with accurate information about your heath status, progress and earnings. As long as policyholders file the required documentation and follow policy terms, disability insurance can cover a portion or your lost wages until you're back on your feet and ready to resume full-time labor. With a continued claim certification and physician's supplemental certificate, policyholders can extend benefits as long as necessary. To avoid losing disability benefits before your healed, it's important to visit your physician regularly and submit the required forms in a timely manner.

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