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Does My State Offer Disability Insurance?


Even though federal social security disability benefits are offered in every state, there are a few states that provide residents with benefits of their own exist as well. These benefits are meant for a short-term disability, while federal benefits are for the long-term. For those with a private insurance policy, the benefits received under state laws are far less substantial. The five states offering their own disability insurance are California, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Hawaii. State disability can help get you through difficult times while waiting for something else to kick in and provide youwith the extra money you desire.

California State Disability

If you live in California, regardless of whether you are out of work from an illness, injury or pregnancy, you are covered under the California state disability insurance benefits. Most of the employees in California are covered under this plan, so they won’t have to worry about being without any income while they are ill. Anything from a mental to a physical ailment that prohibits you from being able to perform your regular job duties enables you to receive disability benefits.

Hawaii Disability Insurance

Eligible employees receive a portion of their wages for any injury or illness that is unrelated to work. If an employee cannot work because they are sick or injured, and they meet the conditions for qualification under the law, they would be eligible for Hawaii disability insurance benefits. Even though they will receive a portion of their wages to help pay for their lost income, they will not be eligible for medical care benefits. To be eligible, you must have worked at least 14 weeks of 20 hours or more. Earnings must total at least $400 within the last year before your disability began. You will also need to be currently employed for eligibility.

In addition to California and Hawaii, there are 3 other states which currently offer state sponsored Disability benefits similar to those in California and Hawaii. New York State disability, New Jersey state disability and Rhode Island temporary disability insurance are also options to help cover you if you reside in one of those states. Even though it is nice to have the state you live in provide you with the benefits you desire, it is nice to know there are other options available from which you can choose.

If your state does not offer disability insurance benefits, you have the option of looking into a private benefits plan on your own. Some employers are willing to provide you with disability insurance as part of their benefits plan. The amount of money you will have to pay for this benefit will depend largely on the benefits your employer offers. Purchasing private disability insurance will help protect you in the event something happens. In most cases the amount of coverage received through a private disability policy are far superior to those that are received via the State sponsored DI programs. It is important to talk with an agent to at least hear your options. The last thing you want is to be stuck with absolutely no protection when disabled by injury or illness.

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